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Sign up to OnlyFans with our link below, and once you earn your first $800, we'll pay you an extra $50 to help celebrate! T's & C's Below.

Terms & Conditions Of This Promotion

Sign up to using our referral link provided in the "OnlyFans Sign Up Link" box & once the account referred reaches $800USD Net Total, we will pay the user $50USD.

$800USD must be reached within 12 months of using the referral link to be eligible to receive the $50USD. Using the referral link does not effect the amount earned by the creator, however Content Creation Management Pty Ltd does receive monetisation paid by OnlyFans for referrals. Use of this referral link is free. This $50 bonus cannot be used alongside or in cohesion with any of our other services.


We will use the following steps to pay users;

  1. We see referred user has earned the required amount via the statistics of referred users on our OnlyFans page.

  2. We pay a subscription to the users page, and tip extra to make a total payment of $50 to the creators page.

  3. Congratulations, you've received a bonus $50 as easy as that!


Users may also choose to contact us once they have reached the payment threshold. Methods of contacting us include;

  • Using our "Contact Us" page on our website

  • Messaging our Instagram page: @ccmptyltd

  • Emailing us at



Content Creation Management Pty Ltd follows all Terms of Service on OnlyFans. If users of our referral break OnlyFans Terms of Service, the agreement between Content Creation Management Pty Ltd and the user is void. If changes are made to the OnlyFans referral program, Content Creation Management Pty Ltd retains the right to alter or void this agreement at their discretion.

If you have any questions about our Only Fans management service or sign up offer, contact our friendly team today.

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